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Mediterranean Delicacies : Taramosalata

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I’ll be honest, I’m not a fan of Taramosalata. When I was about 11 I ate two tubs of the stuff and got so sick that I haven’t been able to handle even the smell of it. I also really didn’t like the luminous pink pastiness of it and this was the one product I was nervous about working with in the Mediterranean Delicacies. That’s until I received it and saw that, in fact, there’s isn’t luminous pink at all. It’s a beautiful, light, almost baby pink.

As I opened the tub I was nervous that the smell would bring back those horrible memories again but to my surprise (and delight), the MD Taramosalata is not overly fishy and strong. The flavour is spot on (in my opinion) and quite gentle. I have become slightly obsessed with it now and find myself digging a spoon in the tub every now and then. According to Wikipedia, Taramosalata is a Greek and Turkish meze made from taramas which is salted cod roe. This roe is then blended with breadcrumbs or mashed potato, lemon juice, vinegar and olive oil.  I love it showcased quite simply so that the taramosalata is the main focus and I’ll share some of those dishes with you over the next two days.

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